Letters in Your Surroundings

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Just made up a new design assignment! Yayy!

The inspiration of this assignment was my trip to Savannah, Georgia this spring break with my friend Caitlin. We had a super fun time walking around River Street and taking a trolley tour of the city. I had never been there, so it was fun to explore a new place. Where this assignment comes in was when we stopped at the River Street Market Place. We saw this guy who was selling framed words that were made out of letters found in the surroundings. I have seen similar things before, but I liked the idea that he would personalize it to spell out whatever you wanted using whatever images you liked.

I recycled this idea for this assignment by suggesting that you create your name using images from your surroundings. The example image that I created used all Creative Commons images. First, I just thought of what things in my environment could possibly look like the letters in my name. Then I used the “advanced search” option on Flickr to search for an example of the object I was thinking of. Next I saved the image to my computer. Finally, I opened all the images in PowerPoint. (I used this program just for simplicity’s sake, but you could also use any photo editing program like Aviary or Photo Shop.) Once in my program-of-choice, simply resize the pictures so that they were all uniform and then saved them as a single image.

That’s all folks! The process was pretty simple. But the fun part was searching for the images that I wanted to include. It actually took quite a long time to envision what objects in my surroundings could form the letters of my names. But after I thought up some ideas, it was simple enough to locate pictures that suited my purpose.


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