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Looking back I cant seem to find my post with last weeks daily creates (I swear I did one), so I’m going to be throwing them in here as well.

2/28 – Record a sound of an animal you’d like to be. I chose to make the sound of a cricket, mainly because I couldn’t think any other animal sounds that I could make.

3/1 – Record a video of you drawing you left hand. This ended up being much more challenging than I originally thought.

3/2 – Record a sound of something ordinary, but make it hard to guess. I recorded my desktop cd loader opening and closing, something I’m sure most non-mac users hear quite often (or maybe not with everything USB nowadays).

3/5 – Take a picture using reflection to show a different perspective. I had fun with this, taking a picture of my living room at my home (home for spring break!).

3/6 – Take a video showing a hidden talent of yours. Decided to make a video of me doing a rubik’s cube, something I’ve had fun with since high school.

3/10 – Tale a picture from the inside of something looking out. Went out on a limb for this one…was going to do from the inside of a desk drawer looking out but it looked a bit boring, so decided to take a picture from the inside of a bag of bread (always have one on my desk).

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