The Final Cut!!!

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Guess what just happened?! Eagle Radio!!! Margaret, Leslie, Candice, and I just wrapped up our last group meeting to polish up our radio show- and, I believe it’s safe to say that we are done!!!

I must say, this is quite a relief. As I’m sure it has been pretty apparent, audio is not my thing. Its just not one of those things that I find myself getting into. However, after completing this assignment, I can now appreciate all the work that goes in to the making of a radio show. Editing audio involves  listening to the same sound clips repeatedly and manipulating the smallest of details; in order to make something that sounds smooth and fluid a great deal of patients and artistry is required. (Which, I have learned, I do not poses.)

Although I know our show can’t compare with those of talented audio editors, I am really proud of our final project. I had never used any  audio editing program before, so experimenting with Audacity was new and interesting. Also, working with the other ladies in my group was a really great experience. I think we all made equal contributions to the group and to the final product and it was nice to get to know some people from our class a little better.

In sum, this was a positive experience….. however, all the snafus we encountered and their resulting frustrations confirmed the fact that I never want to use audacity again!!! (Sort of kidding?)


Here’s the final product!! Hope you find it entertaining and informative!!

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