Daily Create: Weekly Recap

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Sunday, March 11: Celebrate religious architecture with a photo of your favorite temple, mosque, church, etc.

St. Barnabas Church: This is the church I grew up going to. Although I don’t attend mass regularly anymore, it is still reminds me of home and is really comforting.


Thursday, March 8: Draw or digitally design a circle. Fill in the circle with the color or colors that reflect the way your body feels today.

The Inner Circle: I spent the day lounging on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect and the skies were this clear for most of the day. My skin feels nice and warm now and my mind and whole body are completely relaxed.


Wednesday, March 7: Take a photo and in post editing, switch the colors of two items.

Inverted Rhododendron: A pretty rhododendron from Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA


Monday, March 5: Reflections let us see an alternate world. Capture that world in a photo.

Forsyth Park Fountain: My first visit to Savannah, GA!! Lots of fun on spring break with my BFF Caitlin!

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