Does sleep really improve grades?

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Many times we hear studies about sleep and better grades. I don’t think sleep helps students grades improve. Night time always seem like the best time to study. A high percentage of people never go into REM (dream) sleep. Most people that stay up late are over achievers and resume builders. These are points that have been proven, so this defeats all the research about sleep and better grades.

It’s usually late in the afternoon when I begin studying, and this is when i’m able to fully concentrate. The average student has other things going on that involve them to study at a later time. In order for these test to be accurate a person has to go into REM sleep. It has been proven that most people only go into the light or deep stage of sleep, so not many people can achieve REM sleep. Over achievers and resume builders usually participate in extra curricular activities forcing them to study late. Most likely these type of people get good grades and only study at night.

Researchers should go back and study how this statement is false. If the researchers look more into their studies they can see, that sleep doesn’t improve grades. The afternoon and night are usually when studying is most effective. Studies can be inaccurate because everyone doesn’t achieve the same level of sleep. The most involved and academically advanced students have no other time to study.

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