Pre Production: “How to Train Your Dragon”

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I chose this assignment because I watched the example piece and was amazed. It was so good! I really liked the idea of making something that is modern seem like it could be old just by altering it a bit.

Then I chose “How to Train Your Dragon” as the film I would silence (I’m sure that is what this process is technically called. No.) because I just saw it over spring break so its fresh in my mind. Also, it’s animated; so it seems like an even less probable pick for convincing “antiquing.”

I found this movie trailer promoting its release.

So far my plans for the new silent version trailer are as follows:

(0. Silence it.)

1. Make it black and white.

2. Cut all the parts that have their own text on the screen.

3. Add my own text including some quotes from the trailer in the form of cue cards. Some possible selections include:

“The only problems are the pests….we have dragons.”

“Fighting dragons is everything around here.”

“I need to make my mark.”

“I have brought down this mighty beast.”

“Da da daaa, we’re dead.”

“Everything we know about them is wrong. Let me show you.”

4. Make the clip look grainy/old.

5. Add a song from the sound track that will accompany the clip and accentuate the dramatic parts. Here’s what I had in mind:


I’m sure that I will think of different things that should be done to the clip once I’m actually in the production process, but as of now I think this would be a pretty good start… We shall see!

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