Defiled Senses

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Twelve Angry Men.  I play Juror 10, reworking playing on his fiery albeit baseless emotion.  And I conclude my redub with Juror 8, instilling Truths to all.


Juror 10: I don’t understand you people

I mean all these picky little points you keep bringing up. They don’t mean nothing.

You heard what was played in class, didn’t you?

You’re not going to tell me you believe that phony junk and that business about the closet

You know how these people jest, its born in them

I mean what the tuna, I don’t have to tell you

They don’t know what 4lyfe is

and let me tell you they don’t need any big reason to shock someone either

No Sir/M’aam

They get into it allll theere real big into-iters all of them, you know that

and bang someone is blowing up twitter!

Nodody’s blaming them for it; that’s the way they are by nature.  Schovinistic! The community doesn’t mean as much as it does to us…

Look they’re sycophantics and oppressing all the time…and if somebody gets hurt, so somebody gets hurt.  They don’t care.

Sure, they’re some decent things about them to; I’m the first one to say that! I’ve known a couple that we’re OK, but that’s the exception… These people are callous.  Listen to me.

Add in some shock and ooh ahhss

Juror #8

Its always difficult to get the rolls you want in risk

Wherever you run into it, you just always seem to get the short end

I don’t really know what good play is

I don’t suppose anybody will ever really know.

Nine of us now seem to feel that all of this is nonsense

but we’re just gambling on rolling sixes

We may be wrong

We may be trying to read more into this.  I don’t know.

Nobody really can.

But we have good shampoo.

That’s something very valuable to our hair.

No one can declare our hair frizzy unless they’re sure.


Here’s my frail albeit impassioned attempt:



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