DS106 Visual Assignments A Sunset, “Sunrise of Yokosuka”

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Ok I think sunrise is okay for this assignment “sunset”, I don’t think I can tell the difference between sunset and sunrise…. Just the direction of sun…

Process: Be in the right location, choose a nice angle and take the photo!
Story: I was heading Yokosuka base at around 7:00 am… When I was walking through the park near the base, I was totally touched beyond words. I saw the gorgeous scene, the breeze was blowing me with its ocean smell while hearing the horn(s) from the ships (or sub?)… That is why I took the picture, but the moment is way way more better than a photo… These ships and submarine should be Japanese Self Defense Force’s, the JSDF base is connected to the US Yokosuka naval base. Yokosuka is a beautiful city, you can see the seaside and mountains at the same time…

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