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I was thinking it could be fun to do something in terms of taking care of children, specifically changing a baby’s diaper. That’s totally strange, and I don’t know why I jumped to that. Probably because one of my little brothers is ten months old now and I was recently educating my eleven year old brother in how to change him. I feel like there’s a fair amount you could talk about to. Different techniques, for instance. Like when my mom changes a poopy diaper she grabs wipes out of the bag as she needs them. When I change a poopy diaper I always grab like seven or eight wipes and lay them out first thing, because it’s not easy messing with wiped when they get stuck together while you’re dealing with the diaper changing. So I feel like those would make good education fodder. You could talk about wet diapers, poopy diapers, severely poopy diapers (like when you need a towel down and the baby is going to need a bath). I feel like it would be mildly humorous with the type of booming voice typical in an educational video. There’s a natural step-by-step process. And there’s really no limit to odd, rude and immature jokes that could take place. And in terms of media needs my house already has all the props, actors, and naturally occurring situations. I just need a well timed camera and some editing time.

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