Final Project: Potential Idea

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So for my final project I want to do something with the whole doodle-note idea (like the one that I was inspired to do after watching Guilia Forsythe’s talk on her creative note taking technique). I’m thinking it might be neat if I made a collection of doodle-notes for one subject of classes. One of my favorite parts of making my first doodle-note was that it helped me study for my exam. I think it would be really helpful for me to doodle-note my handwritten notes for one of my hardest classes (historic preservation 305) that way I can study incrementally leading up to my final exam. This would obviously benefit me. However, I think that it could be interesting to blog readers because my elementary-like doodles would most likely make a subject that is not interesting to most people (vernacular architecture) easier to understand and potentially more interesting to non-prez majors.

Clearly, I need to do some more planning about what¬†precisely¬†the project would be, but this is what I’ve thought up so far. I’ll keep ya posted on any further developments!

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