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YAY! KAV Radio is finallllly finished and ready to view :) This was such a process. We started out feeling good and having a great time with it, but unfortuantely, it was all downhill from there. The three of us that were working on the project were all unfamiliar with Macs, therefore all unfamiliar with garageband. We watched some tutorials and experimented, but apparently not enough as we encounted three majorrrrr problems during the project.

Take 1. Our first take, the metronome was on. We thought that it just played in the background while we recorded it and then it would go away after we saved it. Wrong! So we were forced to re-record everything.
Take 2. Our project was complete and we were so happy, but then we went to save it and disaster struck. We kept getting these random pop ups that told us a bunch of our files were corrupted and converted to 8-bit format, which couldnt be read. We thought the damage was minimal, but a ton of our tracks were missing and everything that was still there, was all mized up, in a different order, etc. We even spent an hour on the phone with a garageband specialist who couldn’t even help us.
Take 3. We came back to the library ready to learn from our mistakes (so we thought) and did about half of the project. We saved it and came back later, ready to finish. Can you guess what happened? Corrupted files in an 8 bit format.
Take 4. Today, we finally were able to start and finish our project. We still don’t know what went wrong, so we decided not to save it at all. Instead, we did the whole radio show in one shot, transferred it into itunes, and then uploaded it to soundcloud.

I can see how this could apply to English (for example, writing an essay) because we followed many of the same steps. We did some brainstorming, some planning, worked on a sequence that flowed well, transitions, and also added some effects that would keep the listeners attention. All of these things are key to a well developed essay. Unfortunately, I think me and my group just feel bitter toward the whole thing because of our frustrating experiences. I’m sure that if everything had worked on the first take, we would feel much differently about the project! But again, a frustrating experience can be a learning one– we’re just thankful that it finally came out successfully!

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