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Play by Play is an assignment in which we are supposed to narrate a play in sports as if we were the broadcast announcers. We have the freedom to pick any sports play, funny, famous, or just plain amazing. For this assignment I picked one that was all three. Orlando Hernandez heads up play will live on in baseball history:

“Runner on third with one-out here in the second, Yankees lead one-nothing. And here is the oh-one pitch. Comebacker right up the middle. Great catch by Orlando Hernandez! And he throws his glove to first base for the out! The ball was stuck in his glove and he showed his improvising skills by throwing the whole thing over to Tino Martinez at first base for out number two! What a play by El Duque. You’ll see it again here in slow motion. Tries to pull it out but makes a beautiful throw on the run, and Martinez with the two handed grab. That’s going to be on sportcenter’s Top Ten Plays tomorrow for sure!”

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