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Audio (my play by play):


This assignment was one of the funnest we have done so far. Finally, I can choose something that I am completely comfortable with. Not that other assignments have not been fun, its just that we usually are faced with a new task that we have to overcome something new or foreign to our skill set. For this assignment all we had to was find something we were comfortable with and talk about it. I knew from the start I was going to choose something related to video games since for better or worse I am especially knowledgeable of video games. I chose to pick Halo over other games because Halo was relatively simpler to explain and talk about. Once I chose to use Halo I had a find a clip of a match that I was familiar with. I simply watched the game once and then I did a play by play about the match.

An issue I had during my audio recording was how much I could talk about the game. At times, I forgot my audience was not aware of many aspects of the game and I had to go back to explain a basic element of the game. I ended up spending about 50 percent of the video game explaining the context and basics of the game. If I decide to use this assignment for the video assignments I will start with a basic rundown of the game prior to a video game commentary. Although, I am a bit wary of how long it would take to explain and have a video game commentary. Overall, I am confident I will use this assignment when we have to do video assignments.

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