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Sunday, March 18: Windows, gates, & doors represent the liminal state between two realities. Photograph that idea.

Boundary: Luckily these drawers act as boundary between my disorganized clothes and my somewhat organized living space.


Saturday, March 17: If you had 3 more hours to live, what would you do, where would you go, and why?

3 Hours to Go: I didn’t explain of this very well. (And note to self- to avoid looking like a sumo wrestler, don’t film me from this angle again.) I would want to spend some time just hanging out with my friends and family, cause those are the people who I happen to really like and would enjoy spending my last moments with them. Also, I would work in some froyo. Cause I love me some froyo….. Off to SweetFrog now, see ya!!


Thursday, March 15: Make a creative photo that includes one of your own toes.

Feet = Gross.: ‘Nough said.


Wednesday, March 14: Tell the world in a 5 minute or less video why DS106 is the best thing since… (cat breading?)

Why DS106 is Da Best: The Daily Create for March 14, 2012. (…better late than never?) My take on why DS106 is the best thing since cat-breading.


Monday, March 12: Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary.

The boundary between relaxation and…. not.: The contrast between last weeks (a week of complete relaxation) and this week (back to the grind and all its stresses) seems too much to bear.


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