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The  DS106 course seems like a very interestingproject. Through reading all the categories I think audio is best for me. Theaudio category not only helps writing, but it also gives audio learners achance to hear the information. Some of the posts I’ve read make you thinkoutside of the box. This course is definitely expected to bring fun to theassignments. 
Thecategory I am doing is the audio assignment. Have you ever wanted two musicartists to collaborate? This gives you the chance to do that. It’s veryinteresting that you get to bring ideas in an audio form. If you are an audiolearner (someone who has to hear information to get a better understanding)this is very beneficial.
I lovesome of the posts I’ve read. One post that caught my eye was the collabo. Thispost allows you to collaborate two music artist songs or make a song yourself.There are two artists that I’ve always wanted to make a song together, but theynever have. Through this assignment that song is possible. Over- Dramatic Readingis another post that stands out to me. You have to choose a song, poem, excerptfrom a TV show, etc. and record a dramatic reading. This is like in plays andtheater where they always add emphasis on whatever they’re reading. The onlyexception with this is you change the emotion. If something is sad you have toread it in the opposite tone of voice.
I’mexcited about participation in the DS106 course. The audio assignment has meenthused about doing my blog post now. I can’t wait to collaborate two of myfavorite artist. My sometimes-dramatic attitude is definitely going to show upin the Over- Dramatic Reading post. If everyone is excited about thisassignment it will be great.

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