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The DS106 assignment that I chose for my next blog post coming up is the visual because for one its in my niche of things I’m good at on the computer. Secondly, I’ve always been good at visual assignments on the computer or off to be honest. My best visual work is done on the computer where i can drag and drop photos or videos and place them in the right the spots where they correlate and show my best work. Out of all of the assignments I’ve looked at, visual is the probably the most self explanatory and easiest to complete. Although, I didn’t pick visual because it was easy I chose it due to the fact that its the most interesting and visually fun.

My assignment has multiple sample blogs to select from and to read as an stepping stone to use for my next blog post coming up. There were many samples that I enjoyed looking at, for example: the before and after blog by Seong Cho http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/before-and-after/ was really interesting how he used his camera to show him falling from trees. Another great sample was the Create your Frankenstein and again only one person completed it who was Rabia Aman http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-frankenstein/ and he did an exceptional job of putting together all of the cartoons that are popular around the world. I only chose the top three sample blogs I liked reading to discuss in this blog post because there were so many to choose from and it was an hard choice on choosing the last one to discuss. So I chose Optical Ilusion by Candice Benshoff http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/optical-illusion/, this blog sample was the most intriguing out of all the ones I’ve read, but its also the most challenging if i choose to pursue this certain assignment.

When Mrs. Sasser gave us the assignment from the DS 106 website, I honestly was skeptical about the whole thing because I thought it was to much work to do. As she explained it though, I got a little more interested as the lecture progressed in are class time. I’m quite excited to get this new project started on are next blog post coming up in April but then again it is another project that I have to worry about. I know for a fact that I can complete this project way more efficient then the Wiki project we had, but it won’t be an instant A+ for sure.

This project should be the hard challenge that I expect it to be but at the same time it will be more fun then anything I’ve done in this class so far. I’m glad we have a project like this coming up, because not only will it improve my grade in the end, but it’ll help me enhance my writing. So far my writing has progressively gotten better over the semester and I think that this project will really boost it to the full potential. After this project for sure I know I’ll be ready to proceed into EH 102 with the writing skills that I’ve been taught.

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