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I love photography, and I have the most experience and tools available for editing photos (rather than audio or video), so I am leaning towards a project that utilizes photography.

Prof. Levine said he could picture me doing something that reflects my life as a mother. I certainly have plenty of readily available material for that! However, what story would I tell? Reality (serious) or fantasy (comedy)? I always tend to be more literal, and I do take things seriously (probably too serious). But perhaps I would have more fun creating something comical, like one of the crazy bedtime stories I make up for my kids. Hmm… but how would I tell the story through photography? I’ll come back to that idea.

Then there’s the idea I had of a more literal representation of kind of “a day in the life” since for some strange reason people seem to think my life is interesting. Well, there is always a plot thickening somewhere… but I’m afraid it would either get too personal or too uninspiring. I have a lot of ‘my story’, if you will, that is purposely not public. Even on the web, a girl’s got to have a bit of intrigue on her side.

Hmm so that leaves me with really no idea nailed down yet, but I will commit to something soon. I hope. ;)

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