My Favorite film that I believe exemplifies quality filmmaking is “The Notebook”

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The notebook is one of my all time favorite movies, one reason is because the story and narration is absolutely incredible. I love the way the actress,and actor played their role, they both did a excellent job. The reason I love this movie so much is because unlike other love movies, and love stories this one seems the most realistic to me because things that happened in the movie actually happen in real life. We have friends who later become lovers and couples who end up going back to their past relationships because the feelings never left. This is what makes this movie so beautiful and romantic. Three of my favorite scenes in the movie are displayed in the above link…the 3 time stamps you can go to on the links are 0:13; 1:34; and 2:45. I believe that these 3 scenes are terrific when it comes to the way they did the camera shots and the closeups on both characters when it came to the intimate scenes and the playful scenes. I love the script in time stamp 2:45 the most because I really felt the same emotion the character was feeling when she played this part which makes the movie even more amazingly done! If you can’t see the video click on this link

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