Video Editing… or not

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To be continued… ;)

UPDATE: Ok, so here’s my violin-inducing drama of what became of my attempts at video editing. My windows laptop was running slower than the presidential campaigns. I was able to download the movie trailers from YouTube, but I couldn’t get any of the plugins to allow me to use Windows MovieMaker to load (better yet edit) any of the files I exported from YouTube, despite many hours reading and watching tutorials. Several of these attempts nearly killed my feeble machine.

Meanwhile in Mommy-ville, all creative trains derail when my three month old gets miserably sick with a high fever. Any parent can tell you the first time is the worst, as you rush the poor screaming child to the E.R. in the wee hours of the morning, holding their hand and trying to comfort them while you’re secretly terrified and exhausted all at the same time. When babies have fevers, they only want to be in their Mommy’s arms. No exceptions. No rest for the weary.

There was no time for any more of Windows Movie Maker’s Tom-Foolery either.

Once the fever finally broke, I threw my hands up in exasperation and charged a MacBook Pro on my Best Buy credit card. Hello iMovie!

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