Week 8 Video Pre-Production 30 Second Documentary Pre-Production Blog Post

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OKay, so the first video assignment I would like to create next week is called “30 Second Documentary” For this assignment, I have the opportunity to record myself proposing any topic, whether it shows me teaching someone how to do something, doing things I am good or really bad at,etc.. In order for me to make the video, since I don’t own a personal camera, I plan on using my Iphone4S to record my ¬†30 second documentary. After that, I will upload it to my email and then¬†export it on my desktop and import it to the application on my Mac OS X called iMovie, since I am well known with how to use the app. However next class, I will still love to learn any more tips on how to create my video besides using the imovie application if possible.

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