Video Essay: “The King’s Speech”

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After hitting a whole bunch of stumbling blocks, I am done with my first video assignment!!! Wooooo!!!

You can watch it now, but be nice. In retrospect, did kind of a silly thing; I videoed myself. So you not only have to listen to my voice, but you also have to look at me. Sorry about it! If I were to start this all over again (which I am not about to do) I would use voice-overs instead. Doing this would shorten this video up a whole bunch and would probably make it easier for listeners to target the exact spot in the clip that I’m analyzing. Jim Groom assures me that my format is okay (thank goodness), so I’m just gonna go with it. With that being said, I learned that when I become a professional film analysist (not a likely sinareo), I would use voice-overs.

Video Essay: “The King’s Speech” from Emily DelRoss on Vimeo.

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