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Words from the man himself.  Not everything is going to be a success.  This assignment was far beyond what I wanted to do or expected to be.  Sure redub.  I’ll just write up a new script, record on soundclound, download, and the overlay the original clip.

But then you get in there, and you realized that you are speaking too fast or too slow.  That you have to break up the audio once, and then again, and then again and again, to get it to match up.  Then you think you have it and it all gets pushed aside and you fall back upon the cushioned chair staring at the ceiling in abysmal despair.  Why didn’t I just wittily redub the most crucial line from a film and have it be said and done?  But not, I didn’t.

And so I am left with this fractured bit, that even if it did match up, I hardly find pleasurable.  Oh well.  Thrown off by scintillas of seconds.

I didn’t explore any new methods here and go into more depth in other posts, but did advance on the speed of other ones.  I downloaded and imported audio into audacity, fixed them up and overlayed them on the pwn youtube ripped version of twelve angry men.

Then I tried to match up the audio.  What a great component.  My suggestion is, to do it right, you must start bottom up rather than going top down.  And it could take a long, long time to get it perfect.


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