Estranged Freedom

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If this is what creating a personal cyber infrastructure is, I don’t know if I want it.  Who am I?  What have I done?  Why does the air smell so sickly and sultry?  I am Frankenstein, consumed, nay, obsessed with his machinations but infested with a disgust, rid and shaking consumption.

Let me first give you, dear reader a frame.  The props I used for unsaid film that follows were materials readily available.  I did not seek said props out of a darkened desire to cast some social commentary on love or to imply anything of the fine cast of “You’ve Got Mail”.  Rather, I felt inclined to cast away the bulbous, gaseous and utterly inane humans and do with a more malleable, collected crew.  Further, what way to make something horrific then to do so by dolls.

Secondly, the audio was in many ways forced because I was entirely frustrated that freesound is barren of gentle noises capturing beats feasting on meaty flesh.  Infuriating, terribly so.  I was forced, then, to construct a patchwork of insane noises to generate some estranged version of my genuinely brilliant vision titled “You Look Pale.”

How was this accomplished?  Here’s a list to ease your eyes:

1) Preproduction given confirmation

2) Film in backyard dolls on phone

3) Stich all the various clips together from phone using Splice

4) Upload rough cut to youtube

5) Rip rough cut from youtube using pwn youtube

6) Import into Imovie and touch up clips some.

7) Negotiate audio in clip of typing to reduce white noise (I wanted to keep it)

6)  Strip audio from rest of film then overlay with audio from freesounds

7)  Export project then upload to

8 ) Realize after writing blog post that the somehow the end footage replaced a part in the beginning

9) …

10) Rip rough cut and final cut from youtube


12) Get rid of bad footage, insert good footage

13)  Overlay new sounds over good footage

14) Export and upload to youtube





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