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This assignment was easy and fun! I simply found a clip from a tournament match in the video game: Halo 2. After then I used headphones to record my commentary using audacity. I then downloaded the actual youtube video using keepvid, then I put both my commentary and video onto Windows Live Movie maker. Using Movie maker I edited the audio so you can still hear the game play but my audio is still audible. The only issue I had with this project was extracting the product from Movie maker. The program seems to only allows the project to be exported as  Movie maker project and not an easy to use AVI file. The only option left was to publish the video directly to youtube which seems to work for now.


I love Halo 2. Possibly the best game I have ever played and probably the most fun I have ever had playing a game. The main motivation I had behind this assignment was to give people a little taste of how competitive Halo 2 was and most of all to show that video games are what they used to be. Yes, there are still nerds who play in their mom’s basement but there is an emerging gaming culture that has redefined who can become a gamer. I wish I had more time, but one point I wanted to emphasize was how normal the best players in Halo 2 were. For the most part these individuals were college students who were just like us. Well except, that the best players made about 250 grand a year when Halo 2 was at the height of it’s popularity -_-. Hopefully that point was made clear and I gave some good insight onto the game itself.

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