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  This is the first time Maria meets the captain and he is giving her a lecture about how  to take care of his kids.This movie has been wonderfully directed, These two actor have the right facial expression at the right time.The movie calls for Maria to be completely clueless and amazed when she first arrive at the captains house and she is. The clothing suits the role she is playing since she, just left the convent. A beautiful woman calm and shy. The lighting is perfect and so are the facial expressions are on point .And the movie already lets you know it will be a romance just from the way he looks at her. By just looking at the fist two minutes of the clip you can see that bond their sharing.
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In this other scene the dad is showing maria how he disciplines his children and how they should appear when called. This is also a wonderful piece being that he is and army captain and when his kids come to him they are called by a whistle, they march and just like in the army they stand the same way and when being addressed they act the same way as soldiers. This helps to show his serious side as a captain and the way he takes his job by the way he acts towards his kids. He has so many kids that the only way he controls them is just like he treats his men.You can still see the humor in it all and that make sit all the more wonderful. 
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The kids Play a joke in Maria the first time they meet her and its wonderful. It shows that they do not want her their and it also shows their wicked side as kids. She has wonderful reacction scared and at lost for word. and the kids face in reverse is just perfect they stand their and watch her as if they have no clue why she is screaming.

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