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Three Star Assignment


About a year ago I was learning how to ollie. We used to record videos so we can eventually       make a skate video for funs. I then edited the videos to show my failed attempts through mpeg streamclip. I then moved it onto windows live movie maker. After that I used the publishing tool to upload the video onto youtube.


Well Tony Hawk had to start somewhere =). I wanted to show people what NOT to do when learning how to ollie I suppose. If you are learning how to ollie it is very important to not do anything that I do in the entirety of the video until my sort of successful one at the end. Even at the end the one I did do was not very good. The biggest tip I can give is to jump and pick up your back foot so the board doesn’t awkwardly go up on the nose. Hopefully some future skaters will learn from my mistakes =0000000000.


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