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Five Star Assignment


For this project I was going to go through the process of using Jing. However, I did not have Jing yet. I do have another program called fraps that has a similar function. While using Fraps you can record both video and audio so I just initiated the program to start the recording. After then I just narrated the basic elements I wanted to cover in my tutorial. One huge issue I ran into this project is how long it took to upload the video. My file ended up being huge!! It was originally 3.95 GB but using Windows Live Movie Maker I made it smaller and published it on youtube.


This was an amazing idea that actually has some use for older people that are not aware of computer programs and well as some dangers of the internet. The main aim I had behind this assignment was to teach them some pro tips on how to avoid being scammed on the internet. Viruses ruin computers which are a ton of money! Some other basic elements are explored like starting up your computer and the internet.

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