Opening Credits Redux: “About a Boy”

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Hey there folks! Just finished up another video assignment! This one was a four-star-er that used up the idea from my pre-production work from last week to redo the opening credits of a movie.

For this assignment I stuck with my pre-production plans exactly, which was kind of odd cause I kinda thought that I wouldn’t be able to execute some of my ideas, but turns out I could. Who would have thought!!

I used the movie trailer and then froze some of the frames that I felt captured the characters personality. (To do this I had to use The Google to find some tutorials on how to freeze frames. It was ideal and worked like a charm.) Then I saved those pictures to my computer and Picnik-ed them. I adjusted the colors so that they matched the color scheme of the movie poster (which is red, white, and blue). Then in Movie Maker I arranged them in the order of importance of main vs secondary character. Also, I did the same thing to the title. Finally I added the music (which is from the soundtrack) and added some transitions. Donezo!!

I’m pretty happy with the results. I know it’s simple, but I think it goes well with the movie and could fit in to the format of the movie.

PS- I typed this blog up yesterday, but then didn’t post it becuse I was waiting for my Vimeo video to be ready. So I’m being lazy and just posting it with this post script instead of going back and changing all the verb tenses. Sorry!)

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