Remembrance of Things Past: The Weird Yarn Game

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With the completion of this two-star assignment (bringing me up to a grand total of 16 stars), I think I’m gonna call it quits on video assignments for the week (with hours to spare, wooo!)

This assignment was pretty simple. The most challenging part was picking a childhood memory that I wanted to recount (I have a whole lot that I think are really entertaining, but no one else probably would). Once I picked out my memory of choice, I got to work drawing it up. The prompt for this one suggests making a representation out of any availible materials you have, but I thought drawing would probably have the best results- given that the only things nearby at the time was a pack of gum and an empty mug.).

Once done, I scanned the picture and saved it as a JPEG to my computer. Then I imported that into Movie Maker. I recorded my story and imported that to MM as well. Finally I edited it up a bit, added some transitions and some tunes.

Remembrance of Things Past: The Weird Yarn Game from Emily DelRoss on Vimeo.

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