Week 9 on Final Project

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Sunday, March 26.

Nothing like an entire day to spend working on this week’s upcoming tests/assignments. At least, that’s what Sundays are for, right? #overwhelmed. 

Saturday, March 25.

Cherry blossoms festival day!! Last night we planned on waking up early in morning to take the metro. So we set our alarms at 8, or at least one of us did. Naturally, we woke up an hour later. I pulled on some shorts and a cardigan with flip flops and left at 10. I have already anticipated the weather, but still, we were convinced to go. We reached the Smithsonian metro stop and walked not long before we have arrived near the monument where cherry blossoms bloomed. I took some pictures of the lovely flowers but the sudden wave of wind and rain made it hard to admire the cherry blossoms. We left after a few minutes of picture-taking and that’s when it really started to pour. We were all feeling hungry so we went to grab some lunch at Chipotle. Let’s just say I did not choose appropriate enough clothes or footwear. I felt really irritated because I was freezing cold and wanted to go home. However, we ended up going to the Smithsonian Art Museum and walked through the history of video games. I, myself played pac-man in front of a huge screen. I also learned of this video game available exclusively on the PS3, called Flower which lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate through beautiful, lush environment used on SIXAXIS motion control. Personally this game attracts me because of its aesthetically pleasing graphical qualities and music. I really want to play the game after seeing others play, so I stood in line, but because my stomach was acting up, I left. By the time we finished touring, some of us were getting tired, so we left for home. Overall it was a good day despite the lousy weather and I have some pictures!

me w/ cherry blossom tree
more cherry blossoms
beautiful lake

FRIDAY, March 24.

It’s Friday and I am super excited for the weekend to start. I have been overwhelmed with so much homework, tests, and assignments these two weeks. It feels like it’s never-ending. However, I shall not complain because it is Friday and I want to celebrate. I was done with classes at 1:50pm and had lunch with a friend at 3. The weather was just absolutely gorgeous today, thus I spent the entire day soaking up the sun and just simply relaxing. At 4 I went to check out the Holi Festival of Colours. I thought about participating but did not have any clothing I want to get dirty, so I just sat on a bench and observed the splashing of coloured powder and water between people. Needless to say, it was really lively. Dinner was at 6 and I was famished! I went with some friends to eat at Hibachi Buffet, this Asian buffet restaurant. I left the restaurant feeling bloated but it was a good feeling I haven’t felt in a long time from eating really good food. I headed to James’ apartment to work on some ds106 video assignments while waiting for a friend to pick us up and go to his house. There, we slept over and the next day we drove to DC for the cherry blossom festival.

PS. I didn’t have my camera with me today, so there are no pictures available for you guys :( Sorry! I promise I’ll double up on pictures at the cherry blossom festival. Definitely.

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