A day of my life.

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This “A day in my life” video caught my attention because it’s like squeezing my practically 16 hour day into 10 minutes, sort of like time forwarding. I think that in order for me to complete this video assignment, I would definitely need my camera to record what I will be shooting and where I would be going, such as to the deli, school, class, train, or work. Also, I would definitely need to become more familiar with the movie editing because this will be the first time I’ll make a video, to edit, and publish out to the public. I’m actually really looking forward to editing because it’s like a video log that I can share especially as to why sometimes I post my entries so late ;x

Video #1 Assignement: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/a-day-in-your-life-make-it-constanza-decent/

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