Hear Me Roar– ‘MissRepresentation’

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The video “MissRepresentation” really enhanced my understanding of how media delivers content that is shaping our society.  Of course I am aware of these ideologies, but the extent to which women are being portrayed as sexual objects is really starting to cause teen girls to feel powerless.  They are measuring themselves against an impossible standard and in the past ten years, depression rates have doubled! TV shows and movies show the same stereotypes being portrayed over and over.  I was really interested in the statistic from Gena Davis that stated, between 1937-2005, there were only 13 female protagonists in animated movies and all except one involved the aspiration of finding love.  I thought this was so fascinating and while I know this video focused on the media aspect of this issue, the same idea can be said about literature, as most books with female protagonists involve their need to find love.  There are some movies and books where women seem empowered, but when you deconstruct what is being shown, you realize it’s not the case at all.  The characters are often beautiful women in revealing clothing meant to please the male viewer.The media is obviously becoming more and more shocking, but somewhere in the video, it is explained that this is occurring because there is SO much media available, that competitors need to produce more scandalous propaganda in order to break through the clutter and get noticed.  While this makes sense, it is still unfortunate that women have to be the ones to suffer for it.  This was an extremely useful and informational video. Moreover, the use of current movie and TV examples really helps to show the relevance of the topic and allows the audience become more critically aware of what is happening around us.


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