One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds

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For this video assignment, I got “Five Principals”. So I chose the 5 principals that I was very familiar with. It was really hard to compress it in to 5 seconds, since I was already up to 30 seconds within 4 clips. So it was really hard to cut down the clips, but in the end I’m very satisfied with the way it turned out. I used the following principals from the following movies:

1. Principal Duvall from Mean Girls
2. Mr. Strickland from Back to the Future
3. Seymour Skinner from The Simpsons
4. Mr. Mackey from South park
5. George Feeny from Boy Meets World.

I would’ve had trouble thinking about it but that to this article: It really helped me pick and choose between which principals I want to use.

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