Week 9 Daily Create Recap

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TDC75: Favorite quote

“Live free or die.”  I think New Hampshire has the best state motto.  Maybe I’m biased because I live there, but seriously, it’s the best.  I remember learning about John Stark in 4th grade and thinking he was awesome even back then.  My admiration has only grown in the years since.

TDC76: Tree with soul

My roommate freshman year memorized the name of every type of tree on campus, and I thought it was awesome.  I tried, but failed.  I did, however, remember the common persimmon, as there was a cool one right next to my dorm.  Without leaves it makes an excellent cemetery-style stree. It has the right kind of branches or something.  Anyway, here it is:

Common Persimmon

TDC77: Portrait without the head

There’s something about a turtleneck/sports coat combo that screams organized crime.  The large Asian man to my left only adds to the effect.


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