“A Bag of Gold” The Digital Facelift

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Gardner Campbell talks about Clay Shirky’s blog post in which he discusses digital facelifts. Campbell, in his lecture, says that in the evolving process of learning change needs to happen, but instead, “We get the digital facelift.”  When mentioning the digital facelift he mimicked others saying, ”We’ll just do what we did before but we’ll put it on the web, but it’ll be what we had before, but we’ll have some hyperlinks …but it’ll be what we did before.”  …haha makes laugh.

Instead of digital facelifts Campbell proposes 3 things: Narrating (thinking aloud), Curating (taking care of your “stuff” and arranging it, and finally sharing.

I think Gardner Campbell’s lecture “A Bag Of Gold” is extremely inspiring and enlightening.  Viewers really get a sense for his passion and commitment to not only those he’s educating but the education process as a whole.  After watching this lecture for the second time it really makes me want to be the best teacher (God willing) that i can be, and encourage as much learning as i possibly can.

I remembered watching this in class and there was one thing that Campbell said that really struck me, i had to go back and watch it a second time to find it but he’s talking about what kids think when they get to college and he says, “I’d like to think that they’re starting their lives work.”  This quote continually leaves me thinking about what I’m doing in school, and what else i want to do.

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