Weeks 9-10 Video Production: (My 30-second Documentary Video 3 STAR ASSIGNMENT) & (My Product-Review Video 1 STAR ASSIGNMENT)

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Okay, first off I kind of had a hard time editing both videos, because i couldn’t find imovie on my computer, so instead i just used my IPhone 4S to record the 2 videos, and then I uploaded both of them to my youtube account and then edited it on video manager. The first video is called the 30 second documentary where I show my audience how to cook steak fajitas in only 30 seconds, I enjoyed doing this, however it was kind of hard trying to keep it only 30 seconds when teaching someone how to cook something. Overall I enjoyed fooling around with the effects and audio tools, to make the video look more unique. Now, for the second video I had to discuss with everyone a product ¬†that I think is very useful so I chose to talk about my iPhone 4s case which is called the mophie juice pack air and it charges your iPhone automatically inside of the case without having to use your actual iPhone charger, so i know a lot of people will enjoy learning how to use it and may even want to think about purchasing¬†it, i also edited this video using the effects tools on video manager in my youtube account. Hope you guys like it! check it out by clicking on the link! You can only view with the link! Thanks:)!

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