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I’ve decided to take on the educational video assignment. I thought I would use “how to record an electric guitar” as a basis for the tutorial. Here is the video I wanted to base it off of.

First, I decided to begin with an introduction on the advantages and disadvantages of recording guitar; a disadvantage could be that someone could steal it from your computer, and an advantage could be that you can show it off to your friends and you will be hailed and eventually become famous and own a yacht! Secondly, I will outline the steps of recording and the various options you have when choosing your equipment; guitars, amps, computers, microphones, programs, etc. Lastly, I will end with two audio examples; one being a bad rendition of a recording, and the other a good one. I will exaggerate all facets of playing and actions in the video to make it amusing. I hope it turns out the way I plan!

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