Making a Scene: “Beast of Yucca Flats” Meets “Ax Em’”

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Another video assignment! Wooo!! This assignment is called “Make a Scene from a Horror Film” and is worth four stars (running total of 27 stars now). The prompt suggested recreating a scene or coming up with your own all together…. I combined the two and came up woth my own by using two different movie clips and combining them. Hope that works for ya!

Horror movies are NOT my thing. I’m scared of anything that even has the potential to be scary. Even when I just think about being scared, my brain gets scared and makes me think of even scarier things. Then I think about those made up scary things for days after. I believe this is a disease. I am sick.

To avoid this ridiculous cycle of fear, I opted to use poorly rated horror films. In fact, I went for the bottom of the barrel: The Worst Rated Horror Films of all Time. I was hoping they would be so stupid that I couldn’t possibly scare myself…. I was wrong.

Here is the clip I used from “Beat of Yucca Flats” from 1961:

And here is the clip I used from “Ax Em’” from 1992:

Somehow watching both of these frightened me. Particularly “Ax Em’.”… As I said, something is wrong with me.

But this is what I came up with:

I just used the audio from “Ax Em’” and matched it up with the video from “Beat of Yucca Flats.” I think the changes in the audio match up pretty well with the changes in the video.

Luckily, combining the two eliminated all the scary from both of the movies. Thank goodness!! So that’s something I have learned: one scary movie + another scary movie = funny!

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