One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds “Beauty Queens” 3 Star Video Assignment

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For this assignment we were expected to choose 5 movies and connect short clips of each movie all in to one archetype. Therefore, I chose the archetype “Beauty Queens” which was one of our options, and chose the movies that I though resembled the definition of a beauty queen the best, those movies were “Mean Girls” , “Bring It On”, “Miss Congeniality” “The Cheetah Girls Movie”, and “Pretty Women”. The process of doing this assignment was kind of hard for me at first but then I got the hang of it once one of my classmates gave me clear directions. All I had to simply do was download all of the 5 movies using FireFox, and then I had to open the application called “imovie” and import all of the 5 movies on to it and trip certain clips that I wanted to use for the archetype. Although it was a bit over 5 seconds I think I truly defined the definition of a beauty queen with the clips that I chose. After, I exported the movie on to my desktop and then i uploaded it to YouTube. I enjoyed doing this and I hope you guys like:)!!

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