Optical Illusion

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For this blog post I decided to do an optical illusion off of the DS 106 website. As you can see I used my library on campus to create this picture of me holding it from a distance. I love taking pictures like this because it tricks peoples eyes and minds. If you take a quick look at the picture it seems as if I’m holding the building, but in reality I just placed my fingers over it. I really enjoyed taking this photo as well as talking about it during this project/story with all of my other friends in class. I can’t wait to start on the next project that I have coming up next week. When you research and prepare to do a project like this, if you don’t give your all you only won’t have a good picture you wont have a well organized meaning behind it. I’ll be looking forward to continue with these projects on the DS 106 website because they are entertaining and the hard work makes me push myself to do my best on it.


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