The Misconception of Me

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This is the popular “What People Think I Do” picture.  Many of you have seen this on social networks. I chose this because I’ve always thought it was interesting. Have you ever heard the opinions of someone on the outside looking in? They are always wrong. Most of the time people have a misconception of something they have never experienced. This is not only a neat assignment, but it also brings clarification.

This is photo is called a meme and can be generated online. If you visit all you have to do is insert pictures and the people that think you’re doing the action shown in the picture. You can add this idea from a wide variety of things. You get to choose the title, so the options are endless.

The concept of this photo is to show the real me. There are always conceptions from others who “think” they know you. I have seen these photos from the point of view of college students, musicians, engineers, and many others. The idea is to add different photos of what people think of you, adding up to what you really do. I titled mine “The Misconception of Me”. I have never seen anyone do theirs about themselves, so thats what I decided to do.

My meme:
My parents have the idea since i’m in college I party all the time. I think all professors wish or at least think they’re students are always studying. LOL. My friends always think i’m this bubbly person that always want to hang with them. I admit i’m somewhat a shopaholic, but I don’t think it’s that bad. I bet my bank think it’s bad, because of the many times i’ve over-drafted. Oops. I think most people in my age range text a lot, but my boyfriend seems to think I text too much. Despite all the misconceptions the only real conception is mine. Sleeping is my favorite thing I do. It’s what I “really” do.

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