“Animated Music Video” 4 Star Video Assignment (Kingdom Hearts Video Game)

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Ok, this assignment was a tough one!!! The main reason is because it basically took me 4 hours! to find a free video editing software since my imovie was deleted and I have no way of reinstalling it *sigh* So after I found we-video i was in big relief! Afterwards, i began looking for a animated video to use as my music video, so I chose one of my all time favorite video games called, “Kingdom Hearts” anyone that really knows me knows how obsessed i was..well still am lol.. with this game. I love the graphics and the storyline is just beautiful. So i searched for it on YouTube and then i download the file using the website called keepvid.com and I then uploaded it to we-video. Next, I wanted to have a instrumental song playing in the background because I want the audience to pay more attention to the video instead of hearing words in the background. So, I searched sound cloud for instrumentals, but not just any instrumental.. i wanted a instrumental that relates with the video game, and i remember hearing this song during the game so I searched for it on YouTube ,and once i found the title of it i searched for it on sound cloud to see if i was able to download it and BAM! I found it! However when i listened to it, i noticed that it wasn’t the same version of the song it was a remix to it! which was even better! I loved the remix version so much that i just decided to use it in my music video. After that, i imported the audio into web video and started messing around with the graphics, audio, transitions, text and effects in order to be the exact way I visualized i wanted it to be, it took me over and hour to fin ally come to my decision for the final music video and so I did then i uploaded it to YouTube. Check it out:)!

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