“Video Essay” 5 Star Video assignment (“The Notebook”)

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I must say that attempting this video essay assignment really put me at ease. The main reason is because I love to write! The second reason is because i didn’t have to worry about nor have the hassle of editing certain clips and trimming the movie since i searched on YouTube and found the movie that had every single one of my favorite clips in it! So this made the process for doing this assignment way easier. I chose to talk about the movie called “The Notebook” for my video essay because overall, I think this movie is just beautiful, creative, romantic, and the actors really played their part to the “T”. If you play the video above it shows you all of my favorite scenes from the movie. So, I’m going to start telling you guys about the first scene and why I think the director did a amazing job producing the movie, as well as writing the script. Well in this first scene I love the way the two characters are interacting with each other and how the guy is trying to break the girl out of her shell and make her dance with him because he knows she to has feelings for him just like he has feelings for her. So the way both characters portrayed the role of flirtation and trying to hide their lust and love for each other was terrific. Now, I wanna talk more about the movie in general from beginning to end….all of the scenes in the clips above all represent the true meaning of why the director chose to name the movie, “The Notebook” i would say. The reason for being so, is because if you watch all of the clips any type of audience can understand automatically how the title of the movie and the characters are in comparison with one another. For example, in the scene where the girl and the guy are in the rain and the girl stops to tell the guy why he hasn’t replied to any of her letters in the past.. well that relates to a “Notebook” because in a notebook you clearly have papers and chapters inside, and according to the movie and the characters both the girl and the guy are living in a kind of notebook or diary if you must call it since their true feelings for each other were hidden for years. So the director made a excellent comparison to the tile by making the script correlate back to the title i think. I love this movie so much and I recommend that everyone really sit down and watch it so that they can understand the script, and maybe even understand the true meaning of love. Thank you:)!

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