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Many of today’s schools are hesitant about accepting technology as a helpful resource for learning because although the benefits of having an online life are limitless, unfortunately, many traditional classrooms/teachers are only able to see one side of the web- the dark side.  In the blog post  “The Bigger Shifts…Deal With It,” Will Richardson discusses the realities of having an online life (117).


Richardson explains that it is not the practice or implementation of technology that causes resistance, but the “cultural, social shift that moves us from the idea that we must prevent our kids from seeing and engaging with [bad] stuff” (117).  Of course we all know the internet does have a ‘dark side’, but Richardson argues- why is seeing this content online different than being subjected to this content in other public places, such as TV, advertisements, or popular magazines. As future teachers, I think it is more important to educate students about how to deal with situations, rather than trying to shelter them. If we give our students the resources to think critically and the editorial skills to deconstruct messages and understand motives, they will have a better chance of making good choices when they are confronted with difficult decisions. (online OR elsewhere).

Richardson states that instead of trying to block and filter everything negative on the web, we should be choosing to educate kids on internet safety and help them navigate these spaces responsibly!  An incredible learning opportunity is available through online resources if we would just learn to…


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