The Latest Doodle and Preview of Things to Come

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I’ve been a slacker on posting about my final project. Not good! But I promise that I have been working on it recently, but I still haven’t been blogging about it :( But here is a post to remedy that!

So I did a bit of doodle to make sense of the progression of door styles and their constuction techniques. In class we went back and forth between the details of doors and the timing of each wasn’t making sense to me. When I did my doodle I put all the details into a general looking door for each time period.

For some reason, it actually took me quite a long time to put it all together because of all the disordered material from my notes. This is what I came up with.

I’m okay with how this turned out… except for the word “DOORS.” Why is it so ugly?! I plan on fixing that up before this page gets officially added into the final “notebook” of doodle notes. Also, I’d liek to add some color to this one. I tried adding color in the same way that I did for my first doodle, but I didnt like how it was turning out. I think cause there are so many straight lines, scribbling in color looks sloppy on this one. I’m gonna try to think of a new method for adding some color that isn’t distracting or sloppy looking…. We’ll see what I can come up with.

Also, I have been working on the next doodle. This one I am gonna try to make into a little flip book using Movie Maker. So far I have drawn all the doodles, but I need to scan then, add some color, and put them together in Movie Maker. So that’s what’s coming your way soonish! (Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the topic! The heat pump!!! Get excited!!!!)

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