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This one was a ton of work. Feng warned me but I didnt believe her at first and after working on this for over an hour I believe her!! Basically for this video I got the soundtrack from LOTR and a ton of youtube videos of scenes from the movie. I then edited the videos extensively to feature some important moments throughout the trilogy to change the meaning of the movie. Instead of a quest to destroy evil LOTR is reduced to a love story between Sam and Frodo


Frodo and Sam were close in the LOTR but sometimes the way the acted together was a bit too close. I know the relationship and bond they had was strictly platonic but many  times during the film I wondered to myself if they were about to kiss.. I played upon this theme in my mashup where I edited the clips of Frodo and Sam being together.

Note: It is not like I am against homosexuals or anything of that sort. I am just playing upon the difference between what the director intended and how the filming came out. In the books and movie I believe their relationship is purely friendship but as I stated before at some points these characters were too close or something about the body language was off. These sort of mishaps are funny and I am playing upon those themes.

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