Comment 4 Kids – DS106 Assignment – My experience

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Comment 4 Kids seems like a really great assignment. It’s so important to have an internet presence these days and to give these kids the opportunity to have one while also being guided through the process. A lot of us just jumped into it and have made some mistakes, so it is great to be able to encourage them and also give them some knowledge that we have gained from the mistakes we have made.

I decided that I would look for a blog that focused on my same interests. I found a lot that like sports and art like I do, but I really wanted to find the ones that talk about playing an instrument or making music in general. Music has been a big part of my life. If I can give any advice or encouragement to someone learning how to play or write a song then I’ll feel really good about that. All of the instruments I learned were self-taught. If I had someone there to help or give me advice though, that would have helped me tremendously I think. I have yet to get any responses from the two or three blogs that I have posted comments on, but I feel like I’ll continue to encourage a lot of these kids with their blogging.

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