Dancing Damsels

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Cash in the check.  Army of salvation.  Troubled mind, troubled tale, troubled world.    Little weeping man.

This is the vision, of the future.

I settled upon completing the very first assignment in video, of which no one had dared try.  Thinking through what I wanted to do, I found this application called Cartoonic.  Cartoonic let’s you layer video with a bunch of different effects, which might at least give some semblance of a future world.

After putting off the assignment for a long while, I woke up one morning and filmed.  The future is hard, man.  Hard.  Can’t get a break.

I then took the footage and used Splice again.  I added some music and called it a cut.  Unfortunately, something weird happened.  In the montage at the middle the video got distorted.  It’s kinda cool, but I don’t really know what it happened.

Oh well, the future is not without consequences.

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