Gladiator in 5 Seconds

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I like the movie Gladiator a lot.  Also, it really lends itself to the 5 second video assignment.  That is not to say that it is overly simplistic, but rather that the main plotline can be summarized in a short sequence.  Vengeance is good like that.  I thought about adding clips of Maximus as a general, then a slave, then a gladiator, then a defiant gladiator, but I figured that wouldn’t make a very understandable 5 second film.  So I streamlined it.  At first I thought I would use video clips with a music background, but I ended up keeping the original dialogue, as that is what I use to tell the story.   I did all of the video editing in Movie Maker, and used realplayer to download the video clips.  For the title screen, I used paint, and simply imported the jpeg into Movie Maker.

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