Mashup: Harry Potter and Raising Arizona

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This is my submission for the movie trailer mashup assignment.  I just got a copyright strike (currently appealing), so I really hope this doesn’t get taken down.  The purpose of the assignment was to combine two movie trailers to change the meaning of both.  I figured harry potter is familiar enough with just about everyone, so I chose to use that for audio.  The hard part was thinking of a movie that I could use to mix it with.  I thought about Matilda for awhile, but it has too many similarities to Harry Potter.  I needed a kid though.  So I settled on Raising Arizona.  Perhaps Nicholas Cage’s finest work.  He plays crazy pretty well.

It is very difficult to work with both video and audio in Movie Maker.  It doesn’t allow you to chop up the audio the way you can with Audacity.  So I wound up having both Audacity and Movie Maker open at the same time, and trying to match up times.  This only worked because I wasn’t trying to match audio to peoples’ voices.  I ended up cutting out a lot of the harry potter trailer’s audio, as a good portion of it didn’t really fit well with the video available.  These edits were mildly challenging, as I had to fade in and out of music to make jumps less noticeable.  I don’t think there are any jarring cuts in the final product.  The video edits were pretty easy.  The only hard part was that the trailer had very short clips, so it was hard to synchronize them.  That said, I managed to find enough that I could use to make a trailer of a reasonable length.

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